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Devn A. Frandsen, DO is a family medicine physician board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians. He has spent the majority of his career specializing in non-healing wounds. He was privileged to be the third fellow in the United States to graduate from a Graduate Medical Education endorsed traditional rotating fellowship in Wound Healing & Tissue Repair. As well as his love for wounds, he also loves his family, so returned to Idaho Falls to practice where he feels most valuable in the urgent care setting.

Devn and his wife, Abby, have 4 beautiful children: Ellee, Will, Greg II, and Brynn. He does regret that he has to sit apart from them at high school sports since they sit on the Idaho Falls High School side and Devn’s blood will always run Skyline Blue. He and his 6 siblings were raised by Greg and Donna Frandsen on the west side of Idaho Falls.

He attended his fellowship at UIC in Chicago, Illinois, residency at UAMS/OMECO AHEC-Pine Bluff in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, medical school at Des Moines University (he was lucky enough to do his student rotations mostly in Idaho Falls). He earned his BAs in Psychology and Biology at Utah State University. His favorite part of undergrad was taking pre-med classes with his pre-dental brother Justin Frandsen, DDS, and beating him on tests as well as an undergraduate teaching fellowship for Bio & Medical Ethics and the Human Dissection lab.