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Justin was born and raised in Shelley, Idaho. After graduation, he went to BYU-Idaho for his undergraduate. He majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry. After receiving his bachelors degree, he moved across the country to Elkins Park, Pennsylvania to Salus University receiving his Masters degree in Health Sciences as a Physician Assistant.

After graduating in 2009, he spent his 1st five years working in rural Iowa in a critical access hospital in the emergency department and clinic. In 2015 he returned back to Idaho Falls to be closer to home. He worked a year in Cardiology and the remaining time has been spent in Urgent Care.

He currently is married with 4 children but expecting their 5th in June 2020. His oldest is a girl followed by 4 boys. He spends most of his time off work spending with his amazing family. Other hobbies he enjoys are racquetball, skiing, playing piano and singing.